Ruggero Vittorini is a creator. His specialty, “arte in tutte le sue forme,” art in all its forms. His path, inevitable, being born into a bloodline of renowned Italian artists, musicians, painters, writers, and film directors. Musicianship, an inheritance from his father, an accomplished composer and saxophonist who played with the best of the time. Ability and curiosity were shaped by the art and exquisite architectural alleys of Rome as a boy and cultivated by the skate, street, and hip hop cultures he was exposed to as a teenager when he moved stateside with his American-born mother. Time spent in the midst of New York City grit and the pressurized heat of South Beach, Miami enabled him to gain clout and exposure in the most essential art, the culinary arts; all this while dreaming, drafting, and drawing his own characters and creations in worlds and realms that only he could see and bring to life for the masses.

And now, he has. With his latest move to the Golden Coast, he is making these worlds and realms a reality in the city of angels. He teeters on the line between psychedelic and psychosis, surrealism and expressionism, while he takes us with him into his art on a quest to unlock the subconscious in all of us. To consume each piece an open mind is not suggested, it is mandatory.

The true want of any artist is to get the audience to feel something meaningful or something they’ve never felt before. Looking at a piece by Vittorini, both are inclined to happen. Whether it be a satire of the political tide or an ode to the Sacred Goddess, appreciation for that which is unseen but felt is always achieved. So, come explore. See something new. Ruggero Vittorini will show what exists and what is beyond, not by limitation of craft. But by being a master in “arte in tutte le sue forme,” art in ALL its forms.